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Simple Living, Luxury Elite, Time, and Power

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We are pleased to share with you Artinfo News 02. This week you’ll find some interesting videos on living a simple life, Luxury Elite’s latest vaporwave release High-Society, Jay Electronica, and 9m88. Just a few things we found interesting this month. Hope something here inspires you.

Simple Living

Filmmakers at Green Renaissance made a beautiful video following Lindsay Murray in New Zealand.

Lindsay lives in a small town on the South Island of New Zealand. He lives a simple life, filled with simple pleasures. He believes that we've replaced beauty with what money can purchase. And through this, have lost connection with the real beauty, the bountiful gifts of nature, that are accessible to us all.

Luxury Elite: high society

Artist Luxury Elite drops off her highly anticipated High Society via live stream on SPF420. You can listen and support the full album on Luxury Elite’s Bandcamp. This is a hallmark in the history of Vaporwave.

Jay Electronica - Act II: Patents of Nobility

After what seems like decades, Jay Electronica’s long-awaited Act II is released to the public. You can listen to the album on Tidal, and you can listen to the album on youtube. Act II is a slow-burning hip hop gem featuring thoughtful lyrics, monumental samples, and music of cultures from around the world.

9M88 - Airplane Mode

9M88 is one of our favorite musical acts out of Taiwan. On the song “Airplane Mode” she’s accompanied by verses from another one of our favorite artists Leo Wang. Check out 9M88’s Airplane and be on the lookout for more from KAO!inc, they have great artists on their imprint.

Time and Power by Beth Lewis

Read our latest on Artinformation from one of our favorite writers Beth Lewis

“Since its invention … the museum has been central to the social, ethical, and political formation of the citizenry of modernizing nation-states … What they have accomplished … [is] nothing less than the disciplining of whole populations through a desire-driven interaction with objects.”⁵

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