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Basquiat (New York), Nigo (Tokyo), Maurice Ravel (Paris)

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This time we have 3 beautiful videos to share with you. From New York to Tokyo to Paris.

1) Jean-Michel Basquiat's 'MP' Visits His Eponymous Portrait After 35 Years

“Once he captured the eyes…that’s when I kind of freaked out…that’s when he captured my soul….in my eyes.”


Designer NIGO takes us on a tour of one of his many homes in Japan. (Early 2000s)

3) Music for Study: Rapsodie Espagnole , Maurice Ravel

“The Rapsodie espagnole was completed in 1908, after a two-piano version of the work the previous October. It consists of four movements, the evocative Prélude à la nuit, Malagueña, Habanera, and Feria. Rapsodie espagnole was Ravel's first major orchestral work, a demonstration of his originality and of his gifts as an orchestrator. The music moves from the stillness of night, with its four-note descending motif, to be heard again in the second and fourth movement, to two characteristic Spanish dances and a final celebratory Spanish fiesta.”

Thank you so much for your time. In other news, we will be launching our editorials and interviews online in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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