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Dinner Parties, Metaphysics, and Marion Stokes

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Making the perfect dinner party:

This video has been an inspiration for us in a time of social distancing. Thinking of a way to set the table and have a great moment with friends and family is something we should all be thinking of how to improve. We all could use a little excitement. Get some tips from Style Council Member Mr. Chris Glass.

Watch a (mostly casual) 3-hour Discussion on Metaphysics. A great listen while cleaning up the house or on your way to the office.

Our Blog:

The “Decentralization of Curatorial Work” reviews great alternative social media platforms like and Arbtr. Check out these social media platforms that encourage learning and slow media.

See Manufacturing Consent, 30 years later:

A photo gallery celebrating a cinematic masterpiece and the work of Prof. Noam Chomsky

Reflections on Marion Stokes:

The Greatest Archivist You Never Heard Of