New Year, New Us, New Projections.

Our thank you letter to you + some new updates.

…..It’s the Year 2021

Happy New Year! Thank you for sticking with us through such a crazy 2020. We really appreciate you and hope that you achieve all your goals in 2021! We promise to continue to deliver this year and share interesting impressions and perspectives.

While we have been quiet on our newsletter, we’ve been pretty active in other places online. We’ve been working on new Visual, Audio, and Written projects. We’ve separated the categories below so it’ll be easier to navigate and find what you may be interested in.

First, we have a new documentary series in collaboration with Arkhaives At Midnight. Arcadism: Decades Retold covers every decade of pop culture through the lens of Arcadism media theory.

Second, we’ve featured a new film from director Jonas Vahl on our website about the Vietnam War.

Lastly, we’ve started an all-new artist interview project called Ai Stories.




Thank you everyone once again. Let’s have an amazing and creative 2021


Arcadism Hub